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What makes working at Aarki so special is being part of a team of exceptionally brilliant, ingeniously creative, and friendly people. To get to know more about our colleagues, we will feature a new team member every month.

Who’s on this month's spotlight? Employee spotlight%20 noel

Who are you and what do you do? I am Noel Perlas, Creative Director. I lead a team of kick-ass Art Directors and Video Effects Artists who deliver and produce creatives for all Aarki campaigns. Occasionally, I am also the spiritual mentor of Manila office team. ;)

What drew you to Aarki originally? And how has Aarki changed since? I came from a creative agency that was finding its footing in digital. I was drawn to Aarki’s technology and how it had digital in its veins. Aarki has been changing ever since in the same pace as the industry. For Creative in particular, we have been changing to be more integrated with Analytics.

What has been the most important innovation you have witnessed in Aarki? Having to work with Aarki Encore everyday, it still continues to blow my mind how we are able to do complex creatives with a simple drag and drop. Encore helps Creatives be focused on the creatives rather than thinking of how to bring it to life.

What sorts of industry trends do you see? Programmatic continues to grow and I see marketing spend and budgets moving into this space. Competition will help push innovation forward within the industry.

What do you think is Aarki’s biggest opportunity in 5 years? As Aarki’s a champion for creative, the biggest opportunity in my point of view is our creatives. Creatives continue to be a differentiator for Aarki in the industry. I can see Aarki becoming known for its in-house creatives that produce the most effective campaigns ever, thus, becoming a trusted partner of our clients.

What is your proudest moment at Aarki? Whenever I hear that our creative work is applauded by our clients. Recently during a call, we got a big compliment from a client telling us that Aarki’s creatives constantly surprise them. Awesome, right?

How would you describe Aarki culture? There is the constant drive to innovate and perfect. As a team, we treat each other like family and respect one another.

What is your personal philosophy? I am the author of my destiny and I control my future.

How would you describe the best place you’ve travelled by far? While Rome and Paris are up there, Vienna was truly impressive and beautiful. The culture, the music, and the architecture are condensed in such a small city.

What are the three things you can’t live without? Family, work, and play.

What books are at your bedside? I just finished reading ‘O Great One!’ by Yum! Brands CEO David Novak, a story about employee recognition helping a company grow. ‘Work Rules’ by Laszlo Bock has been a reference for the last few months on how Google handles its people. Others on my bedside, I read multiple books at a time, are ‘The Seventh Sense’ by Joshua Cooper Ramo and ‘Sprint’ by Jake Knapp.

If given a chance, who would you like to be in a day? Probably one of the creative business leaders. There was Steve Jobs, there’s Elon Musk, there’s Tim Brown from IDEO, Mark Zuckerburg, Jonathan Ive… I can go on for days.

What is an ability you wish you have? To learn anything fast… like plug me in and then Boom! I can fly a chopper (remember The Matrix?).

You’d like to be famous for? As a leader who moved the team to the right direction and caring deeply about the people.

You’re happiest when? When I am at the beach, listening to the waves, cool drink in my hand, seeing my family enjoy and have fun.

Noel has been in the mobile advertising industry for 10 years. His innovative, supportive, and diplomatic approach to his work enables him to lead the team perfectly and to maintain a high level of efficiency in a way that allows space and growth for creativity.

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